Saba Khan Ismail is the founder and creative force behind the Lena Couture label. Her passion for design, commitment to the highest quality of standards & customer satisfaction is what sets this label apart and above its competitors.

A Bay Area (San Jose, CA) native, Saba started out with a degree in fashion and graphic design and ended up pursuing a degree in the health care field. However, after working in the healthcare field for several years, she decided to focus on raising her children. Sketching for fun, it was then her love for design came back. 

She used her skills to ensure her customers benefit from only the finest fabrics and quality grades available. She has intimate knowledge of custom grades for each fabric, thread, sequin, and stone that will grace your bespoke piece. Her biggest inspiration with design is combining old and new world aesthetics that have captured the attention of her audience.

ABOUT US: Lena Couture debuted in 2018 as an exclusive label for modernized South Asian fashion. Initially starting out as a small specialized boutique in Chicago, it has grown by popular demand to cater to an international clientele.

Lena Couture's devotion to their loyal clientele and their determination to help them manifest their wildest fashion dreams into reality is what keeps them coming back.